Episode 098: Robotic Arousal

This episode contains: Waiting frantically, bachelor party, hand foot and mouth disease

Robot Overlords: Touching robots elicits psychological arousal in humans, robot asked participants to touch different parts of body, measured humans response, more emotion for certain body parts, “arousal,” what about different types of robots, Animatrix, serial killer sweater, deaths in Vegas, moving dead bodies


This Week in Space: laser cloaking device, should we hide ourselves from aliens?, hiding Earth from aliens that can detect us using the transit method, spectrum and power, will aliens be peaceful?, worth the risk


Bugs!: Biomechanics team discover how insects repair their bones, patching from within, evolution


At the Movies with Steven Domingues: Tomorrowland, not as bad as expected, lowered expectations, dreamers, how do you make a movie out of theme park?, what did people expect?, nonsense technology, how to tell a movie will be bad based on the trailer, Jupiter Ascending, story/plot issues, trilogy?, too much going on, looked great, benefits of reading a book, spaceship design, Russian stereotypes avoided, Sense 8, Devon also saw a movie: Anomalisa, Charlie Kaufman, stop-motion animation, Synecdoche New York, Inception

11/22/63 Finale: SPOILERS, assassination, going back to the future, yellow-card man, our overall review of the show, disappointment, past keeps pushing back, Rick and Morty quote, shower thought