Episode 099: Steven’s Best Favorite SciFact Clips Thing!

Clip Show!

This episode contains: Pocket Mortys, Poke Mon, Rock-Paper-Scissors, rookie mistakes, freemium games, rewards for watching commercials, Black Mirror, Clash of Clans, pay-to-win

Brain Matters: wired for gaming, the brains of gamers, internet gaming disorder, the gaming chair, DSM-5, predisposition?, specific links in the brain, impulse control, addiction, phantom vibration syndrome


Biological Imperative: Zika virus, in Brazil, moving to the US, President Obama directing resources for study, minor symptoms, causes birth defects, microcephaly, recommended travel restrictions, national health alert, revisiting Ebola, Nationally Notifiable Condition


Star Wars Review: Miles Greb’s Cosplay, our non-spoiler Star Wars: The Force Awakens reviews, Devon: 4 out of 5, Steven: 5 out of 5, re-watch value

World of Tomorrow: by Don Hertzfeld: animated short, Oscar nominated, little girl visiting the future, time travel, Netflix, meteor shower, actual little girl, It’s Such a Beautiful Day movie, animation style, robots on the moon, iota drops in

From Ep 095: Futurama quote, shower thought