Episode 99.5: Two Great Tastes

This episode contains: Another clip show! We explain why in the episode. Enjoy tese two awesome interviews:

Interview and Sci-fi: Interview with Miles Greb – author of After the Gold Rush,  (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/919052445/after-the-gold-rush-a-science-comic) (https://www.patreon.com/user?u=756517&ty=h) Marvel, independent comic books, Kick Starter, skepticism and atheism, science as wonder, accurate idioms, 25 issue run, hard sci-fi, day job, Dune, commentary for Prometheus, Mad Max videogame, control scheme, Fury Road, War Boys, Gas Town, Bullet Farm, Plains of Silence, R2-D2 building (www.astromech.net), Calculating God, Star Wars Episode VIII casting, “chemistry read,” live interest in new Star Wars trilogy

Interview: The Earth Collective, Michael Troup, Chris Ball the deck hand/fixer, radio show about the future of human society on a distant planet, staying in the light, 15 minutes of entertainment, roles for the show, the importance of social media, how The Earth Collective came to be, script v. outline, The Long Line of Cars, multiple characters, unknown history, story arcs, score for each episode, great production quality, day jobs, Mike’s voice and accents (holly crap!), District 9, Neil Blomkamp’s Alien 5, classic sci-fi inspirations, Twilight Zone, book tie-ins with the podcast, Devon pimps Steven out for his writing skills, “the greatest sci-fi story you haven’t heard,”



And after all that, we apologize and give a nice little shower thought.


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