Episode 100: Nothing Special

This episode contains: Married, rings and watches, House of Cards, best-man scotch, rain on your wedding day, plan B, photographer, equipment issues on PBS, bus issues, Yelp reviews, negotiations, Aptos bars, crepes chat, groomsman gifts, Star Wars puzzles, married life, honeymoon, SF Giants, awesome seats, child neglect article postponed

We’re Back! Back for the 100th time-ish, looking back at the last 100 episodes, Patrick, our interpretations of Ep 7 from leaks and trailers, Harrison Ford being Harrison Ford, reviews for Ep 7, women in Star Wars, EU, most downloaded ep, Scott Manley, Miles Greb, Mike Troup, Earth Collective, Nixon from Futurama, SNOW Lab, Science is Not Scary, Almost Educational, Books and the Blind, rating our own show, Futurama quote, shower thought


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