Episode 101: Ah Dip!

This episode contains: Spilled wine, magic rice, stuff, Saga, Comixology, honeymoon, Monterey, Restaurant 1833, Winchester Mystery House, Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, Trump, old couple, objective politics, pushing the food envelope, pizzarito, May the 4th, Revenge of the 5th

Baby Brain Matters: babies and music triple meter (waltz), brain scans, pattern recognition, Steven’s anecdotal evidence


Adult Brain Matters: “free will is an allusion,” test design, noting random stimulus, question validity, less time equals better than chance results, subconscious, lag time in perception of real world


Sci-Fi: Consider Phlebas, good pace, ending, essays on the war with the Culture, Sleeping Giants, World War Z + The Martian + Michael Crichton, finding large artifacts on Earth, San Andreas, The Rock Clock, The Mountain, Episode VIII, complete Falcon, false script leak, Rey in The Force Awakens, stories about ex-girlfriends and presents, Futurama quote, “Ah dip!” shower thought


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