Episode 103: GMO Extravaganza! Pt.1

:::Contains Explicit Language:::

Special guest: Miles Greb, creamy chicken, comic cons, SFP shirts, After the Gold Rush in print, GMOs, labeling, March Against Myths, March Against Monsanto, anti-vax, anti-fluoride, anti-nuclear, explanation of GMO, perceived dangers of GMOs, health, FDA, scientific consensus, economic issues, population growth, technological development, Civilization and Gandhi, anti-corporate perspective, chem-trails, pros and cons GMO labeling (mostly cons), defining GMO, equated with a warning, science education


Scif-fi: Star Trek TV show trailer, new trek feelings, why more “villains”?, Balance of Terror, use of action in story telling, nature of show (episodic v. serialized), Steven has a whole in his sci-fi knowledge (Trek), inspiration of Trek, Enterprise, Star Trek Beyond, Justin Lin, optimism about new show, Frozen trailer, Brave trailer v. the actual movie, Zootopia, new IP, After the Gold Rush #2, Clovis, Espers, Dogwood, Skeptics Guide to the Universe comic, to be continued…

Miles Greb is creating Comics


One response to “Episode 103: GMO Extravaganza! Pt.1

  1. you mixed up herbicides and insecticides. From what I gather, GMOs use more herbicides (Roundup) and less insecticides (because of Bt proteins in GMOs)

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