Episode 104: GMO Extravaganza Pt.2

This episode contains: …and now the conclusion, Miles Greb, March Against Monsanto, interviewing protesters, cat milk, FDA, Bernie Sanders, Hillary, science and presidential politics, pseudoscience of the left and right, magical mother’s intuition, terminator seeds, size of protest, the rat study, scientific consensus, specifics of Monsanto, golden rice, paid shills we are not, our sad investments, Whole Foods, the “real” conspiracy

Mile Greb 

Star Wars: Rogue One, Thrawn, Bloodlines (Star Wars book), filling in story between Jedi and Awakes, Rey’s parents, female leads in Star Wars, what we think of Rogue One, possible Star Wars fatigue, significance of Luke

New Sci-fi: CRISPR, gravitational waves, importance of energy, Marvel, iRobot and Will Smith, Black Mirror, near future consequences of modern technology, need for positive sci-fi, The 100, The Expanse, After the Gold Rush Kick Starter campaign

After the Gold Rush #2 Kickstarter


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