Episode 112: Triangular Bodies

This episode contains: Old school intro, Devon gets drunk, Russian River, Steven has bad jokes, day drinking, rope swings, knots to the crotch, busted eardrums, lost Giants hat, mystery bruises, rope swing disasters, Steven was in the Bay Area, fact checking the museum, trolling SFP, Stranger Things

Cryo-Medicine: ALS Ice bucket challenge, Steven didn’t donate money, Hawking has ALS, 220 million raised, NEK1, jean jokes, what could we do with unlimited funds? Quantum computing, killy us first, global warming or cancer


You’re expired!: Wasting food, 140 trillion calories wasted, misconceptions, expirations dates are not scientific, wholesome and fit according to the FDC, food poisoning not based on expiration dates, dad in the grocery game, “real expiration dates”, baby formula, suggestions, x amount of water, don’t drink if you’re not thirsty, Keto diet, cramps, water with your beer, us your senses


Star Trek Discovery: More on Steven’s diet, Reddit, Star Trek news, Devon may be out on Star Trek, #Discovery, new ship, big Trekkies, triangular bodies, angry Devon, the ship looks dumb, aesthetics are imported, old sci-fi sketches, weird red lights, the Prime universe, only so many variations, Star Wars show, Stranger Things, Steven says 5/5, Devon on Ghostbusters, Cheech? Ghostbusters was fun.