Episode 113: The Mars Thing

This episode contains: Devon has a lot of passports, passports are alien to Steven, hole punching old people

This week in space: Io’s collapse, volcanic activity in space, how do you determine the most volcanic object in space? Io’s is cold, Devon has trouble talking, colonizing planets may be dangerous, tidally locked planets, super clusters, expansion of the universe is hurting space exploration


Data: Steven has jokes, creepy robots, wiggly robot, neural networks, no programming, wiki searches, machine learning, what do we use neural networks for? Reverse Google image search, neural networks are really cool, Steven first heard about neural nets from Star Trek, baby robots, learning by moving, babies are unsettling, robots will one day kill us all


Sci-Fi: Devon saw the new Star Trek movie, 3/5 stars, average Star Trek movies, simple plots, we are not set up to broadcast on Periscope, some cool things in Star Trek, no more character introductions, character dynamics, Star Trek has to be bad guy vs. good guy, old movie theaters, bad movie screens, gimmicks in movies, immersion vs. distraction, watching Star Trek is like looking at a kaleidoscope, watching a movie in IMAX, more pixels, panorama vision, Enterprise A, destruction of the Enterprise, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, the Mars thing, Devon reads at an incredible rate, Steven is learning a programming language, learning programming from YouTube, Twitter Bots, Markov chains