Episode 115: Corvids of Corruption

This episode contains: pressing buttons, jokes with no payoff, Devon tends toward sweet things, Devon is watching HarmonQuest, Rick and Morty, Sci-Fi, RPG’s, excited texts

Bird Brains: Races for Cheetos, science people, Mag Pies vs. Crows, crows are magpies body guards, beaker Cheetos, crows are cautious, bad jokes, Steven reads his article, metal words, Steven can’t hear Devon, registering products, Line 6 is making a mistake, Bonus show plug


Where was that now? Cognitive off loading, pronouncing Illinois, Steven can’t make a joke, we are giving up on learning, the internet is easy, people are lazy, Devon bumps his mic, more metal band rants, Google is making us dumb, Steven thinks people are inherently lazy, Google ticks


Red Rising: Steven did not like Red Rising in the beginning, written by “Somebody Pierce”, massive spoilers for Red Rising, Spoilers for Star Trek Beyond, Futurama quote, shower thought.

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