Episode 116: Pale Red Dot Data

This episode contains: Devon is sick, taking Airborne, there is a kid in the background, sleep is good, medicine doesn’t work, doing nothing is good, killing time, Hell or Highwater, banks are crappy, modern westerns, The Nice Guys, Steven likes his blu-rays, renting vs. buying

This week in space: Unpacking the story, new planet, Proxima Centari is dim, Goldilocks zone, MPH is detectable by math and science, no indications of life, nano probes, close enough to visit but still really far away, space is really big, Pale Red Dot Data, Devon’s fault, Steve Baxter predicted the future


Well I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle: Great apes, a dead gorilla is polling for president, cooperation over competition, enforcement strategies, chimp police, chimp morality, cooperation is natural, humans prefer competition, mouthful university, definition of competition


Books and Movies: Devon and Jen listen to audio books together, Jen has never read Jurassic Park and Steven is flabergasted, pirate book, Michael Crichton books, West World, Red Rising, let’s get nerdy with it, new Star Wars EU, the Star Wars comics are good, Rogue One theories, corrections from Twitter, gobbledegook is not racist but barbarian is, bonus annotated podcast.