Episode 119: Clock Shifted

This episode contains: Devon is still trying to record music, recording music can be difficult, Steven is going to help Devon, multiple monitors, Devon is happy to have a job, two monitors makes life more efficient, Steven told an employer to use two monitors, Steven times everything, Nice Guys, Shane Black loves Christmas

Nature Watch: Pigeons have politics, where are all the pigeon babies? Fast pigeons are good learners, position is everything, flocks of pigeons, clock shifting, XKCD, migrating geese, More XKCD


Put a link to XKCD HERE.

Eww Gross: The five second rule is wrong, Mythbusters, transfer rates of bacteria, the 5 second rule is crap, double dipping, long websites, salsa is chock full of bacteria


BTTF/JP: Back to the Future is starting to age, HD does not do Back to the Future any favors, watching Back to the Future with people who have never seen it before, orgasm talking, how the 80’s saw the 50’s, the 50’s weren’t that great, Back to the Future names are hard to remember, rapey movies, Steven thinks a lot about Back to the Future, Back to the Future cast, Devon is uninterested, great video game endings, Devon and Jen watched Lost World, hippy vibes, Steven and Devon disagree on Lost World, Devon still gets chills when watching Jurassic Park, Devon hates Lost World, Devon is jaded, Leviathan Wakes, no more Futurama quotes, quotes from people the boys do not know, a very awkward ending, Steven is excited about Rebels, Devon is excited about South Park.