Episode 120: The Cupcake Analogy

This episode cotnains: Steven built Legos, Toy R Us has a shit ton of Legos, expensive Legos, Wall-E, too much Star Wars, boxes of Legos, problems with Legos, Millennium Falcon, giant Legos, scale, Rebels, vaccinate your kids, rotavirus vaccine, Steven respond to Facebook, Steven gets a call, Skittles, we’re all gonna die

Social Uprising: Getting likes on Facebook, sense of purpose, Devon can’t find what he is looking for, Facebook theories, organized religion, faces of the Ivy’s, the psychology of social media, father’s and daughter’s talking, mountains of data


Skeletons in the closet: Antikythera mechanism, teaching device, shipwreck skeleton, bone jokes, war dolphins


More Science: African migration, indigenous DNA, Steven reads an article, sequencing genomes, Mr. DNA, where did we evolve?


Jurassic Rising: Steven spells, scaryassasorus, still talking about Jurassic Park, Steven is bothered, they will never make a movie as good as Jurassic Park, the dangers of GMO’s, park remnants, back to Red Rising, spoilers for Red Rising, Red Rising is like every other YA novel, themes can be reused, the next trilogy, toppling governments, GOT books.