Episode 121: Don’t Send the Uggos

This episode contains: Devon is hungover, speak easy’s, Devon is a lawyer (in case you didn’t hear it the other 500 times he’s mentioned it), fake guns, Edison lamps, Phantom of the Opera, weird stuff happens, Devon writes a back story, Giants clinch the wild card.

Next week in space: Musk presentation, generic plans, a trip to Mars needs to be comfortable, reusable rockets, multi planet species, What’s wrong with Musk’s plan? Entering and exiting the gravity well is hard, “chinsky”, orbiting modules, space travel is hard, gravity through acceleration, Steven can’t say a word, crash couches, something doesn’t make sense.


Movies and Books: Passengers, only pretty people are allowed in the future, space chandeliers, Alien homages, space parodies, space sleeping is common, the dilations, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, water bubbles, Morse code, Leviathan Wakes, Devon has trouble with a word, pronunciations, what’s important? Things are happening fast, let’s all bang, Devon tells Steven everything, there is a “thing” Steven does not know about, crazy stuff is going on.

Passengers Trailer