Episode 122: Space Weasel

This episode contains: Devon watched all the sports, Jen is a red head now, Steven had ideas but did nothing, clean coal, banking on things that do not exist, Devon went on a hike in a park that no one knows about, Devon’s costume, people do not know about Star Trek, sets of pips, Devon boldly goes where no one has gone before.

This week in space: “OPED”, giant leaps to Mars, private entities are the keys to space, Steven Googles, grandiose goals, Devon can’t speak, Mars rovers, Orion crew vehicles, returning to the moon, we need the government to get to space, strategic reasons for space exploration.


Self-Meditation: Alcohol is an anti-depressant, Steven reads, fast acting anti-depressants, we drink to feel better, depressed rats, depression while drinking, over stimulation by alcohol, don’t drink for therapy.


Leviathan Westworld: Leviathan Wakes, everything is blowing up, Don Quixote references, Jen did research, better speech, what happens in the next book? New characters, Steven and Devon give the book 4/5, why do they need two authors, Old Man’s War, war comedies, Devon spoils the book for Steven, Westworld, Steven Googles, predictions for WestWorld, WestWorld has no sense of time, we really know nothing about WestWorld, FutureWorld, Questions & Answers.