Episode 123: Plant Attachment

This episode contains: Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, presidential debates, Devon thanks everyone, Trumps best debate, cringe worthy debates, Steven is following his first election, non answers, Trump has skills, bad stuff about Hillary, Trump has leveled up, Hillary is a politician, well rehearsed answers, sound bites, conservative talking points, good moderation, Devon does not know names, Steven Googles, half points, we are not changing the course of the election, Steven does not like negativity, bummers, debates are usually more respectful, hopefully Trump is gone soon, Steven doesn’t know terms, Trump is going to linger, Trump news network

Magic Mushrooms: A plant has been discovered that does not bloom, Devon teaches about words, Steven teaches us about plants, magic science, plants reproducing, genetic mixes, long names that Steven can’t say, flowers that don’t open, closed buds, host fungi, symbiotic relationships, big words that I cannot spell, hard to find plants, it is what it is, crazy plants do crazy things


Evolutionarily Speaking: Milk teeth, baby teeth, fall teeth, seasonal teeth, teeth fall out but why? Jaw bones, convergent evolution, sharks have a lot of teeth, bones of attachment, no roots, old fish, new 3D, bone tissue scars, replacement teeth, Brazil absorption, why do we have baby teeth? Jaw alignment, mutations, long lasting teeth, teeth take resources, funny side notes, What do we do with our teeth?


Speed Listening: Expanse books, Devon listens at double speed, 1.5 speed, consuming media, accents are hard at 2.0 speed, side stories, Devon listens to a lot of books, Expanse 3 rd book, point of view characters, crazy Venus, don’t spoil the book, SFP is better at 2.0 speed, half of a half, not a big spoiler, Westworld talk, Steven is concerned, Lost, no plan, Purgatory, no internet, wrote themselves in to a corner, next level story telling, mysteries in Westworld, long episodes, where is the story line going? Main loops, Westworld has go back potential, Teddy, Anthony Hopkins, back stories, Who’s real? AI, bicameral mind, China’s firewall, complex language, bicameral theory is too simple, robots become another thing, What is AI? Turing test, How do we define intelligence?

Q&A: How many Lego bricks are in 100 pounds….


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