Episode 124: Upvote Us

This episode contains: Back to back episodes, look at our different faces, Cavalia, Cirque de Sole for horses, curtain wrappings, dressage, Devon may have had a fever dream, no heavy drinking, Halloween Haunt, Devon has no fear, Steven and Devon are too analytical for haunted houses, who did Negan kill? Black Mirror, bad poker players, Firefly compared to Walking Dead, making fake barb wire, Devon can’t tear a Star Trek uniform

Internet Tomfoolery: Cyber-attack on the internet, DDoS, Steven explains websites, overwhelmed servers, fake requests, the internet of things, F5, refrigerators crashed the internet, multiple attacks almost brought down the internet, Steven went on a trip, Twitter crashed, Reddit is where Steven goes for news, lots of technical info on the internet attack, think about the internet like a highway, port 53, people refreshing pages increased the attack, clever attacks, Mr. Robot, natural problems increased, who claimed responsibility? Distraction may have been the reason for this attack, governments are testing cyber warfare, Iota has inside information on the cyber-attack

Black Mirror and Logan: Netflix is going in to debt, quality over quantity, Nose Dive, upvoting people, 5 star ranking, personal rankings for things in life, Black Mirror may have predicted the perfect society, fake nice, What if we could not work because of our personal rating? Fake smiles, people who reject the society of a Black Mirror episode, social media consultants, more content, B list celebrities, Ghost Brigades, cliff hangers, The Sagan Diary, itchy noses, I will not spell that word ever again, Logan trailer, Steven learns us about Logan, Steven explains a comic book story that sounds like Man in the High Castle, Wolverine as a pacifist, Devon thinks Logan will be about nothing, foot claws,

Q&A: How many laser pointers to kill a person?


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