Episode 125: Put some Money on the Cubbies

This episode contains: World Series game 7, Steven does not understand baseball, curse of the goat, offensive sports mascots, even non-baseball fans would have liked game 7, presidential predictions,

Unnamed Science: Fossilized dinosaur brains, Steven explains fossilization, dinosaur Jesus, World Series update, pickled brains, What did they find in the dinosaur brain? Dinosaurs brains were bigger than we thought, we know nothing about dinosaurs brains, dinosaur nanobot brains


Risky Business: Risk taking is caused by imbalanced brain activity, teens do drugs and have sex, designer drugs affect your brain, testing on rats, genetically altering rats brains for an analogue for teens, addiction runs in the family, Steven has really safe sex, we all do crazy things as teens, Steven Googles, Steven is really excited, LD50


Video Games and Rain Delays: World Series update, Trump is the worst, generic book review, spoilers for Expanse, Red Dead Redemption, Gears of War updates are big, Alien Isolation, slow but intense, rain delay in the World Series, the first couple of hours of Alien Isolation is a whole lot of nothing, Ridley Scott made a cool world, ass end of nowhere, milk for blood androids, hiding is not an option, huge Alien game, Old Mans War

Q&A: LD50 caffeine question for Devon