Episode 126: Post-Election Blues

This episode contains: Devon crashes all the Canadian websites, post-election show, the election was not close, poll methodology, Why were the polls wrong? Conservatives, punk votes, Trump was really a 3rd party, people really hate Hillary, Trump needs our help

Robot Overlords: Google AI, Starcraft 2, high scores are going away, Super Time Force, Starcraft explained, Starcraft is big in South Korea, blind chess, fog of war, AI is moving forward because of video games, watching sports games


Mysteries of the Deep: Pings from the sea, the animals are going away because of the ping, Green Peace may be responsible for the pings, swimming moose, Steven can read ahead, it may just all be ice breaking, The Bloop, unidentified sounds


Arrival and Dr. Strange: This may be one of the most studied elections of all time, more Westworld talk coming, Arrival, aliens with no explosions, how would we communicate with aliens? glass squids, good art may be coming, Dr. Strange, Saturday Night Live, Marvel is getting stale, Marvel Phase 4, Sigourney Weaver, Dr. Strange would have been better as a TV show, Book Talk

Q&A: Everyone flushing at the same time