Episode 127: Where’s the Shire?

This episode contains: Super special guest Miles Greb,  we talk about the impending release of the second issue of After the Gold Rush, his new graphic novel Clovis and it’s non-talking sloth. Steven gives a favorable review of the second issue of After the Gold Rush and tries to not spoil anything, but kinda has to. We learn that Miles was taught (by his father) that Lord of the Rings was real history. That’ll mess you up.


Violent Behavior:  We talk about a study done that revolves around consuming violent or sexual media and what kind of dreams you have afterwards. Miles and Devon have some good questions about the methodology of the study. We conclude that the study needs to be replicated and give our suggestions on how the study could be improved upon.


This week in Astronomy: Devon gives us a 30 second rundown on the Supermoon, what it is, and why some native people called it the Beaver moon.

Arrival: We all dive deep into a spoiler filled review of Arrival. We talk about different rating systems and how they apply to movies. While we all liked the movie, we did have some issues. Miles brings up a good point about why maths wasn’t used to communicate more in the film, and Steven tries to justify it by saying that it might have been tried off screen. Devon gives us a short review of Swiss Army Man and Miles tells us his thoughts on Star Trek Beyond.

Q&A: How fast do you need to be running to hit a wall and kill yourself?