Episode 132: Fat Man Felonies


This episode contains: We spread holiday cheer, perhaps a little late, and question the ethics of mistletoe to kick off this ep! Devon then tells us how he will handle the Santa thing when he has kids and Steven tells of a new idea on how to tell kids the truth about Santa. We then take a critical look at Elf on the Shelf.

Bah Humbug: Devon tries to ruin Christmas for everyone by telling us how our traditions are killing us. This includes cooking large meals, burning wood in your fireplace, and lighting candles. It all comes down to: ultra-fine particles are a bitch!


Back to School: Teens may do better in class with later school start times. We take a look at a study, which was based on a meta analysis of 18 peer reviewed studies. We discuss how this could improve school, why it probably wont make a difference, and how we feel about sleep (we like it). Steven then explains sleep vs. “me time.” We also talk about Gilmore Girls and Scrubs for some reason.


Sci-Fi: First, we have more about the Expanse books; we’ll talk about other stuff soon, we promise. Second, Devon is on the second Kingkiller Chronicle book: A Wise Man’s Fear, which leads to a discuss of fantasy writing. Also, when will the third book come out!? Third, we discuss the reviews for Passengers and discuss whether we still want to see the movie. We then tie it all together with Devon telling us about falling asleep during movies while watching them in theaters. One of these being The Blair Witch Project, which did not impress Devon. Also, Steven wants us all to watch Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared. Lastly, we’ve both started The OA and don’t know what to think.

Q&A: What is the longest someone can go without sleep?


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