Episode 147: Rickity Wrecked

This episode contains: Devon is excited that baseball season is back! Devon tries to find the science in baseball to justify talking about it on the show. In other news, the first episode of season 3 of Rick and Morty dropped, which we get to more in the second half.

Drinking Our Future: Graphene sieve turns seawater into drinking water.  Graphene has been used to filter out nano-particles, molecules and other size stuff. Because of climate change, clean water will become harder to come by, so this may be a cheaper way to filter water.


WTF?: Magnetic brain stimulation may cases weight loss by making gut bacteria healthier. We are instantly skeptical whenever magnets are claimed to have health benefits. Those who received the modality lost weight and their gut bacteria changed to that more associated with healthy people. We question the cause and effect and why this was even thought of in the first place.


Rick and Morty: a new episode dropped on April Fool’s Day. We break down the new ep with tons of spoilers. The ep picks up right where the last ep left off. It was so good. Forget our show, go watch Rick and Morty now!

The Wolf Road: Steven is reading a post-apocalyptic book with an old west feel.

Mort(e): Devon read a crazy new book about our pets becoming sentient and waging war against us… which was recommended to him by a ghost lady.