Episode 149: Star Wars Explained

This episode contains: We’re recording this episode the day before 4/20… so we talk about that for some reason, even though we’re not potheads. Devon then asks if he can wait to give his wife an anniversary gift when they aren’t celebrating on the actual day. Steven thinks he should. Anyway, we get all this crap out of the way so we can talk to Alex Damon the man behind Star Wars Explained!


We talk to him about why he started making these awesome videos, how he makes so many videos, how he comes up with topics, if he’ll ever run out of material, how they can use the old EU in the new canon, the reintroduction of Thrawn, how he felt about Disney taking over Star Wars, The Last Jedi trailer, more ways to use the Force, possible leaks for new movies, Rogue One v. The Force Awakens, the prequels, the Han Solo movie, a possible Obi Wan movie, Netflix type Star Wars TV show, Rebels and Clone Wars, Battlefront II and where you can watch his videos.


One response to “Episode 149: Star Wars Explained

  1. What do you mean, “Chewie lets Rey fly the Falcon”, or “I guess Chewie owns the Falcon now”? I always assumed that Rey is the Falcon’s pilot now, she inherited it from Han (who wanted to employ her anyway, “taking on new crew”, he said).
    Think about it from a narrative point of view: She is a main hero of the story, and characterized as a very talented pilot. Did Chewie race the Falcon through the crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku in one the most awesome scenes in Force Awakens? No, she did. The Falcon is an iconic ship. It makes sense that it should be piloted by one of the main characters. What’s more, Force Awakens is, among other things, about the Young (Rey, Finn, Poe) taking over from the Old (Han, Luke, Lor San Tekka).

    Apart from that little rant — thank you for the great podcast and the interview with Alex! I love his Youtube channel.

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