Episode 152: Guardians of the War for the Trek Parody: Covenant

This episode contains: Devon is still playing Armada, and getting his butt beat. Steven is playing the Star Wars RPG. Steven has so much Sci-fi to talk about he had to take notes.

Sneaky, Sneaky, No Peaky: Holographic image using wi-fi data can be used to track people. This is just like in the Dark Knight! Still won’t work as well as X-ray specks. This could be used for many things, including robots being able to maneuver in their environment, and government spying on citizens.


Biological Imperative: 3-D printed ovaries produce healthy offspring, sort of. Scientists printed more of a scaffolding that facilitated reproductive activity in a mouse. Not as crazy as the headline suggested, but still an important development! We also discuss how useful it would be to have a cheap source of new healthy organs, that’s not also a human rights violation.


Sci-Fi: Rick and Morty sold out to Alien: Covenant. We’ve both seen Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. We both found it odd and Devon liked it more than Steven did. And Steven didn’t like dancing Groot (he has no soul). Jeff Goldblum will be in the new Jurassic World movie. A full trailer for Star Trek: Discovery was released. Devon is glad they improved the ship from the teaser trailer. Overall it looks promising. And there’s a new trailer for Orville, a Star Trek parody. There’s also a new (and final) trailer for War for the Planet of the Apes!