Episode 153: To The Manor Borne by Robots

This episode contains: We have an interview with John Eder, the man behind the podcast: To The Manor Borne by Robots. This is on the second half of the show.

Steven is experiencing the terrible twos with his daughter. Devon still claims he won’t see Alien: Covenant. Before we get to the science, Devon has to explain the “catch me outside” girl to Steven.

This Week in Space: Planetary Harmonies around TRAPPIST-1 save it from destruction.  There are 7 planets that are orbiting in close proximity but are in stable orbits. This is due to a rhythmic repeating, or harmony, that keeps them stable. Astrophysicists were able to test this using computer models.


The Sea is a Harsh Mistress/Evolutionarily Speaking: Whales only recently evolved to their gigantic size, which was likely due to climate change. Prior to the last ice age, food was evenly dispersed, then nutrients would only come from land during certain seasons and so the food was concentrated and far apart. This led to larger whiles surviving as they could eat more at one time and travel further to other food sources.


Interview: We talk to John Eder about his podcast, To The Manor Borne by Robots, as well as podcasting in general, his photography, trying to become a writing, movies, comics, and much more!





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