Episode 154: Healthy Chocolate Cake

This episode contains: Devon is massive liar… he saw Alien: Covenant. More on that later. Devon is going camping and Steven had a fancy dinner in Carmel by the Sea.

Time to Drink: Health benefits of moderate drinking may have been overstated. Light to moderate drinking is defined as 6 drinks a week. These studies do not always take into account other risk factors. This study also takes smoking into account. Devon thinks it’s pretty safe to say no drinking is still the best choice for your health.


Lazy Listicle: We look at a few health myths. These include MSG, coffee stunting growth, staying warm to not catch a cold, turkey making you sleepy, daily multivitamins, beer or liquor first, losing body heat, eating gum, detox, vaccines, probiotics, cracking knuckles, drinking milk and eating food with fat.


Sci-Fi: Devon saw Alien: Covenant for his birthday and didn’t hate it. Devon gives us a non-spoiler review. We then talk about how Star Wars: Clone Wars are not in chronological order. Steven considers watching them in order. Steven is reading a lot of books but not getting anywhere. He also put together a lot of Legos. Mark Hamill disagrees with what they’re doing with Luke in the new Star Wars movies.