Episode 155: Bees. Beads? No, BEES.

This episode contains: Steven won’t let go of the fact that Devon saw Alien: Covenant. Are super heroes sci-fi? Devon went camping. Devon loves swimming but sometimes has to do it alone. Steven is working on his Mustang.

Rrrrrrrr!: T-rex did not actually have feathers. Surveys of T-rex ancestors indicated they had feathers, however, there is no evidence that T-rex actually had feathers. Dinosaurs were around for a very long time. Devon mentions he is reading Guns, Germs and Steal.


Getting Down to Bees-ness: Bee keepers lost 33% of bees, which is actually better than before. The rate of loss of bees has been decreasing. There were multiple factors that cause bee populations to decrease.


Sci-Fi: Steven finally saw the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover. He also saw Alien: Covenant so we can talk about it with SPOILERS. Steven feels the movie was too predictable. We predict what will happen in the next Alien movie. Steven then gives us his review of Wonder Women. We then discuss Baby Driver. Then we talk about whether our kids will be watching the same kids movies we are.