Episode 156: Wonder Woman & Assassin’s Creed Origins

This episode contains: Devon talks about maybe having to “get rid” of his dog, admitting that he will cry if that happens. Steven is ridding solo as a parent as his wife is out of town.

Run for Fun? What The Hell Kind of Fun is That?: An exoskeleton/exosuit has been designed to lessen the energy used by a person when running. Devon wants the opposite so he can do less running. The suit is based on computer modules to help a person move, rather than mimicking natural design.


This Week in Space: We thought we solved the Wow Signal, but now we’re not so sure. An astronomer thought a comet could explain the Wow Signal, however, that theory does not answer all the questions raised by the Wow Signal.


Sci-FI: Devon saw Wonder Woman and liked it, even though it still ended with a typical comic book battle. We’re still skeptical about Justice League. Devon tells us a story about how dumb he can be. We then talk about Frank Miller’s Holy Terror comic book. Steven has been playing a lot of Assassin’s Creed. Devon has one of the Assassin’s Creeds but doesn’t know which one. We then talk about what makes a good side quest. There’re new xboxs coming out but still no VR.


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