Episode 157: Ron Howard to Direct! (He won’t)

This episode contains: The heat is terrible. Listen to us complain about it. Devon is in the process of buying a condo, we talk about the why’s and how’s. Steven doesn’t even lift anymore, but is replaying Mad Max on his Xbox.

Brain Matters: A new study covers how language alters our experience of time. People of different languages will describe the same tense of time in different ways. We talk about Swedish, Aymara, English and Mandarin. We bring up The Simpsons and their Bart in France episode. How accurate is it? (Probably not very.)


Keep That Body Moving: A meta study finds that 19 year old and 60 year old have the same level of sedentary. Since this is a meta study, we talk about the red flags involved. Our discussion devolves into whether or not being chained to a desk is a good thing to strive for and what can be done in our schools to remedy the situation. Steven is stuck on wanting people to follow their dreams and Devon is adamant that “not everyone can follow their dreams”. What a ruiner.


SciFi: We talk a bunch of stuff this week, starting with “Oh, Hello” the non-scifi Netflix show. Devon really likes it. We also mention how crazy TJ Miller is. What is going on with the young Han Solo movie? We discuss and wonder about the likelihood of Ron Howard taking over for director. Devon is re-watching Battlestar Galactic with his wife Jen. We wax poetic about the ending and Steven reminisces about hoe he and Devon watched it together many (many) years ago.