Episode 161: Slaughter in the Slow Lane

This episode contains: Devon is moving into a new place and spent all weekend painting. But he had to find a new home for his beloved dog Zoe.

Robot Overlords: A security robot “committed suicide” by driving into a fountain. An autonomous robot accidentally ran into a fountain and everyone thinks it’s hilarious. These robots have had similar problems in the past. We then discuss what we would do with our lives without the internet (a question taken from the Cracked podcast).


Must go Faster: T-rex couldn’t sprint, but it’s still faster than you. A brisk walk for a T-rex was 12 mph, so still fast, but they couldn’t sprint. This is based on modeling how much pressure their bones could take before breaking. This was also true for other large dinosaurs.


Sci-Fi: War for the Planet of the Apes SPOILER filled review. We were disappointed but Devon still enjoyed it. The movie told us why the first two movies were called “Rise” and “Dawn.” The movie needed more war. We talk about few missed opportunities and missteps in the movie.