Episode 168: Acoustic Prey Debilitation

This episode contains: Devon is already drinking at the start of this ep while Steven drinking a Rockstar just for the Destiny II code under the cap. We then read an email from an old friend about super volcanoes. He tells us why we shouldn’t worry too much about Yellow Stone blowing up anytime soon.


There Be Whales Here!: Sperm whales have been stranding themselves on beaches a lot and it may be due to solar storms. This is separate from a rash of humpback whale strandings we discussed a few episodes ago. These new incidents occurred in northern Europe. These were all a part of an all-male “bachelor pod.” We also learn that sperm whales use sonar (but probably don’t stun giant squid with sonar pulses.)


Brain Matters: Scientists studied facial recognition in macaques. They prevented one group from seeing face during a time when the part of the brain that is responsible for facial recognition develops. These macaques would then focus more on hands and feet.


Sci-Fi: Devon final saw Spiderman: Homecoming and liked it. We also both have seen the full first season of The Good Place, which not necessarily sci-fi, but still  good show that we recommend watching. We then talk about the movie Bad Moms and how dads are portrayed in movies and TV (also not a sci-fi topic). We then talk about recent Star Wars news. We’ve learned more about Captain Phasma’s background. We also discuss how Disney is firing lots of people from Star Wars projects. We briefly discuss the new Blade Runner movie. Devon didn’t like the movie Jackie.