Episode 169: Phishing for Tomatoes

This episode contains: Devon is tired from having a trial. He explains how going to trial is kind of like a board game, but not. Devon also played more Sword & Sorcery. Devon then embarrasses himself by not knowing his friend’s ages. Steven also played some X-wing.

Attack of the Killer Rotten Tomatoes: Rotten Tomatoes scores to do not correlate to box office success. The data shows this but we still take the Rotten Tomatoes scores into account when we choose what movies to watch. We compare the critic reviews to the user reviews of some movies. Also, Steven has finally started watching Bojack Horseman!


Robot Overlords: Hackers have weaponized AI. They are using AI to make phishing attacks. A competition was done comparing the success of tweets written by a human and by AI. Most tweets are already so stupid, it’s not hard to teach AI how to write convincing tweets. We also talk about how bots can be used to write other content.


Sci-Fi: Steven is loving Destiny 2. We then talk about The Orville and our mixed feelings about it. We not quite sure what it’s trying to be. We’re still willing to give it a chance. We then talk about the crazy Rick and Morty episode The Ricklantis Mixup. We talk about all the different storylines going on in this ep. Also JJ is back to direct Episode IX.