Episode 171: We Come In Peace

This episode contains: Devon realizes he tends to have busy Wednesdays, but he did have a fun weekend. Steven has been playing a lot of Destiny 2.

Found You, Now You’re Going to go Extinct: a new coconut cracking rat was discovered on the Solomon Islands. We discuss how little there is left to discover on the planet. We also talk about how hard it is to open a coconut.


Weather You Believe it or Not: There signs of the Polar Vortex starting again. The Polar Vortex is the wind patterns in the north pole holding the cold air in place. The cold air has been reaching further south due to climate change.


Sci-Fi: Star Trek: Discovery has finally premiered. Devon goes on a few tangents but we finally get to our review of the new show. We try to justify the different look of the Klingons. We also talk about how the show introduced one character rather than set up the rest of the show, the “Vulcan Hello,” racial issues, where the show is going, CBS’s stupid streaming service, and more.


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