Episode 172: Organic Propulsion Problems

This episode contains: Steven is having a tough time with his toddler. Again. And guess what? Devon is pregnant! Congrats! We chat a bit about becoming a father, how birth plans can be taken a bit too far and how “no plan survives contact with the enemy.”

Ho Ho Ho: The body of Saint Nicholas may not be where we think it is. His bones were famously stolen during the crusades, but new archaeological techniques show that his original resting place may still contain his remains. We talk about what made Ol’ Nick a saint, and Steven paraphrases (very loosely) the crucifixion.


Brain Matters: The brain has a waste system! Who knew? Not scientists, for a long time. We have found a lymphatic waste system in mice and believe that the same mechanism may be present in human brains. We talk about how something like this could have been overlooked for so long, and Steven makes a terrible analogy about butts and brains.


Star Trek Discovery: We both watched the third episode of Star Trek Discovery and finally know what the show will really be about. We make light of their FTL microbes being midichlorians and how there is only one likable character on the show. Also, Devon makes the declaration that the Captain is EVIL.

Rick and Morty Finale: It’ll be gone for another two years. We talk about the finale of Rick and Morty and how we felt about the season in general. Unsurprisingly, your two hosts did not agree. On many points.