Episode 175: Spiderama

This episode contains: We talk about our early Halloween partying and old man Devon complains about these damned 20-somethings that don’t know anything. Steven went to his brother-in-laws’ wedding.

Robot Overlords: Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to an AI. The AI is in a female form and talks robotically. We question to what extent this is AI and whether this is really just a gimmick. Also, she seems to have more rights than real women in Saudi Arabia. We conclude that this is likely not the real landmark in history that the Saudi government is acting like it is.



Brain Matters: The fear of spiders and snakes is deeply ingrained in humans. This was tested by showing babies of random objects/animals, then showed them spiders and snakes. The babies appeared to have symptoms of stress when the spiders and snakes where shown.


Sci-Fi: Devon has seen all of Stranger Things 2, Steven hasn’t seen any of it. Devon liked this season as much as the first. Steven is reading a bunch of different books right now. He talks about Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher. He’s also reading Oryx and Crake by Margret Atwood about a dystopian, corporate future. Meanwhile, Devon has been reading Children of Time by Adrian Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky, an awesome book about the evolution of intelligent spiders and the for future of humanity. We end the show with the newest game sweeping America: Utopia or Dystopia!