Episode 178: Flat Earth Failures

This episode contains: We’ve recorded on the weekend again. Life gets in the way, whatcha gon’ do? Devon did a four hour birthing class, and is a changed man. Steven recommends not looking down during the birthing process. Devon recommends “Life in Pieces” on Netflix.

It’s a Crap!: Flat Earthers just had an international conference with 400 attendees. We talk about what the Flat Earthers believe and how much they hate Elon Musk. Gravity is an illusion and world governments are all covering it up. NASA is full of lies.



Genetics and Stuff: A beetle was genetically engineered to have a third functioning eye! We learn about how many genes are involved in creating a single organ, and how manipulating just one of these genes will produce vast changes. Steven believes that this experiment is a stepping stone to the goal of eventually growing replacement organs.


Star Trek Discovery: We have a long talk about the mid-season finale of Star Trek Discovery. Devon believes the show is going to be more exploration focused and Steven thinks the whole thing is going “Rick and Morty” multi-verse hopping madness. Devon is still watching and enjoying The Orville.

Book Club: We chat about several books, Oryx and Crake, Alias Grace, Artimis and Infinite.

Utopia or Dystopia?: Would cheap organ replacements give us a utopia or dystopia?