Episode 179: Steam Powered Rockets Can’t Save Us From Aliens

This episode contains: We are thankful for stuff. Steven still has a kid. For the first time, we both picked the same article so we only have one science topic.

This Week in Space: We have detected an interstellar asteroid for the first time. The asteroid was detected after it had already reached the closest point to the sun. The calculated orbit shows that it originated outside our solar system. It is estimated to be over 400 meters long and is traveling at 95,000 kilometers per hour.


More on Flatearthers: A guy is going to launch himself into the sky on a homemade steam powered rocket to prove the Earth is flat. He doesn’t believe in science…


Sci-Fi: We first talk about Netflix’s The Punisher, including character motivation and the life of actor Jon Bernthal. We then talk about Thor: Ragnarok. While there were some things we thought could have been included, we still really liked the movie.

Utopia or Dystopia: How would the world react to evidence of alien life?