Episode 180: Coffee, Flat Earthers and DMX?

This episode contains: DMX singing Christmas songs… then we talk about our gaming over the weekend. Devon has to take a break sell a TV stand.

An Apple a Day…: Three to four cups of coffee a day may lead to longer life. This conclusion is based on a meta-study. Coffee might reduce risk of cancer and other diseases. However, coffee is still bad for pregnant women. This leads to a discussion of what pregnant women are supposed to not eat/drink.


More Flat Earth Stuff: For third week now we have flat Earth news. The guy that was going to launch himself on a steam powered rocket had to delay the launch due to the government telling he couldn’t use public land. We also look at the twitter war between Elon Musk and flat-earthers. We also discuss email we got from someone who may or may not be a flat-earther



Sci-Fi: Steven has decided to finish some old books rather than start new ones. One of those is the fourth Expanse book. Devon is about to read the newest Expanse book. We then talk about how realistic the space battles are in The Expanse. We then review the new Avengers trailer. There so much going on! We also speculate what the MCU will be in the near future. We also briefly discuss The Punisher and The Runaways.