Episode 181: If AI Ruled the World


This episode contains: This week we recognize Pearl Harbor and how a tragedy will become just another day given enough time. It was Steven’s birthday and Devon got him a card game. Steven explains Munchkin to everyone. Also, throughout the episode we try to not be political but fail. Repeatedly.

Robot Overlords: Alpha Zero is the reigning chess champion of the world! This new AI trained itself for 4 hours, then preceded to trounce the world’s leading chess AI, Stockfish8. We talk about how the AI works, what kind of moves it liked to open with, and it’s Win / Tie stats (it did not lose). Then we talk a little bit about how this sort of learning AI could be used in the world, specifically with diagnosis and treatment with doctors and re-writing laws to make more sense.


Soup’s On: A study was done to see if converting the US livestock pastures into crop land could help our food supply. By eliminating meat, dairy and eggs and using that land to grow crops like corn and soy (essentially turning the US into vegans), we could increase our food supply and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The cost would be needing supplements for some vital nutrients.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailer review: We were underwhelmed. The trailer was devoid of any plot besides running and dinosaurs, so there wasn’t much to talk about.

Star Trek: Is Quentin Tarantino really looking to direct an R-rated Star Trek movie?

Books: Steven is finishing up the fourth Expanse book and Devon is way into the Bobiverse. Devon talks about We Are Legion (We are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor; it’s about a man named Bob who become the AI in a Van Neumann robot. It reminds him of Ready Player One and the writing of Andy Weir.

Utopia/Dystopia: We have a “perfect” AI to write our books. What do you think?


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