Episode 184: The Unconventional Year of 2017

This episode contains: Devon and Steven are ready to ring in the new year! We were both deeply disappointed in 2017, but at least a child predator wasn’t elected into the senate. Devon saw the new Jumanji and Steven laments the stagnant movie industry, then he un-ironically talks about how he saw The Last Jedi again.

The Year in Science: We talk about cool science things that happened in 2017. The US Solar Eclipse, FDA and gene therapy, advances in CRISPR-Cas9, AI learning to play games, interstellar objects in our solar system, and discovering new exo-planets.



The Year in Sci-Fi: We also talked about new Science Fiction this past year. We got a new Star Trek, digital distribution of unique shows and movies, a new season of Rick and Morty, and Spider-Man finally came home.

2018: We end the show talking about upcoming science fiction things, specifically movies, in 2018.