Episode 185: Leave the Future in the Past

This episode contains: Happy New Year 2018! Join us in saying goodbye to Devon for a few episodes, his child being due presently. Steven is super excited about his new smart home and talks (quite a bit) about it.

Glug Glug Glug: We have discovered how consuming alcohol damages DNA and causes caner. It mostly has to do with the chemical Acetaldehyde, which is commonly known as the hangover chemical. That chemical, which our body creates in response to alcohol, damages our DNA.


Get Physical: Quantum Radio may aid in communications underwater. Communicating underwater, typically with submarines, has been a tricky thing for us to accomplish. Utilizing the quantum realm, we may be able to send and receive signals more accurately and with more data. We also chat about civilian submarines and pico-teslas.


Black Mirror: The new season of Black Mirror is out, and we talk about the first episode “USS Callister”. Steven also recaps the second episode “Arkangel” which prompts Devon to compare it to a Metallica song. Of course.

Travelers: The new season of Travelers is out, and we talk a little about it. Steven hasn’t seen it yet, so don’t expect many spoilers. According to Devon, who has seen it, it hold up to the first season.