Episode 186: Moltres, Vaseline and Dinosaurs!

This episode contains: This week we have acclaimed comic book author, Athiest and all around cool guy, Miles Greb as our guest co-host! Visit http://www.afterthegoldrush.space/ to check out all of his awesome work. Steven also gives a quick update on Devon’s pregnancy scare.

Firehawk Raptors: Miles takes the lead and gives up the scoop about Australian Firehawk Raptors and how they drop burning sticks into brush to start fires. It is theorized that they start these fires to flush out prey. There are some aboriginal sources that say they have been doing this for 40,000 years. We’re a little skeptical on that, but the intelligence of these birds, and others, continue to amaze.


Hydrogen Peroxide Myths: Steven, after reading a cracked.com article, tell us all about the uselessness of Hydrogen Peroxide. Seriously though, he did more research, and found a doctor that explains how hydrogen peroxide doesn’t do anything and also explains what you should do with a wound. There’s also this cool thing called ‘Vaseline impregnated gauze’ which everyone should have.


Dinosaurs!: After talking about all the ways you can find Miles’ work (http://www.afterthegoldrush.space/) we start a little chat all about the most awesome things to ever go extinct. Dinosaurs. We talk about Jurassic Park, films from the 1900s, King Kong, and The Land Before Time. Then we go on to find out that Miles is a retired Magic the Gathering player. What can’t he do?