Episode 191: Engineering Week w/ Holly Griffith

This episode contains: It’s Engineering Week and so we have an actual NASA engineer on this episode! We have Holly Griffith, who is currently working at NASA on the Orion. But first we finally discuss the entire first season of Star Trek: Discovery.
Star Trek: Discovery: Mirror Universe, the show. We talk about the interesting plot arcs, twists (some cool, some confusing), poor explanations for some plot points, choosing drama over logic, references to the original series, and the unbelievable resolution to the war with the Klingons.
Interview with Holly Griffith: She currently is a Vehicle Systems Engineer on the Orion environmental systems. She used to be a flight controller for the Space Shuttle. We talk about her jobs at NASA, planning for emergencies in space, the status of the ISS, Star Wars, Princess Leia as inspiration for young women, SpaceX, funding space exploration, the Last Jedi, Leia’s force abilities, what science packages do we want?
Utopia/Dystopia: Steve Buscemi and Clint Howard being able to reproduce (clearly Utopia).