Episode 192: The Netflix Paradox

This episode cotnains: Devon is still being a stay at home dad, which is giving him time to catch up on Narcos. We talk a little about Pablo Escobar and we again gush about how well Netflix does TV shows. We also discuss the over-saturation of superhero movies. Steven still hasn’t seen Black Panther so we’ll have to wait to talk about it in detail.
No Sh*t Sherlock: Our perception of age changes as we get older. As you get older, you find the defining line for old age to be higher. Also, the older you get the longer you want to live. The results are not too surprising but are interesting to discuss.
Under The Sea: We find out how the cuddle fish “pokes out” it’s skin. The muscle’s flex then lock, as apposed to always flexing, which would take too much energy. They discovered a motor nerve that does not originate in the brain but in the stellate ganglion. This is similar to a squid. We also recommend people watch “True Facts About the Cuttlefish” by zefrank1.
Sci-fi: Devon talks about watching Black Panther at the drive-in. This a great way to still go to the movies when you have a baby. There’s a new Netflix Original Movie: Mute. This is from the same director as Moon and has Paul Rudd in it, which is always a plus.┬áDevon also admits that Netflix does make good movies, just not yet any sci-fi or action movies yet. We then discuss The Cloverfield Paradox, which sucked hard. It made no sense, even with their poor attempt to explain it in the movie. Steven gives us his fix for the movie. Devon recommend that people watch the show Episodes to see how Hollywood can make crappy TV and movies. It’s also just a good show. We then talk about Star Wars, because of course we do! Episode IX is going to have the same art director as Blade Runner (the new one).
Utopia/Dystopia: Artificial Gravity.