Episode 195: Black Panther, White Privilege

This episode contains: The Domingues’ take over the show. Steven’s wife Martine joins him to discuss Black Panther! They have seen every Marvel movie together except for Thor Ragnarok. This leads to a discussion of how Thor fits into the Marvel Universe and the difference between aliens and gods.

Black Panther Review: Steven has been trying to stay away from Black Panther spoilers and he did a pretty good job. We feel a little strange discussing Black Panther as privileged white people, but we try anyway. Both give the movie a 4 out of 5. We discuss the primary theme of what should a powerful, privileged society do: isolate themselves, or try to help the world? What form should that help take? We also discuss Marvel’s villain problem. This is one of the few Marvel movies that have a strong villain. We also talk about the broader MCU and the possible future of Iron Man. Also, seems like all of the Avengers live in New York.

Utopia or Dystopia: Steven then asks Martine about implanting chips into our hands to be able to pay for things. Some guy in Australia implanted a card into his arm and was prosecuted for not being able to produce a ticket (the good bit was inside him). So should we implant chips into ourselves to make life easier? Lastly, Martine gives us all advise on how to live a better life.