Episode 196: Organic Processors

This episode contains: Devon is back, and playing with his mic. Devon is also waiting for the LEGO Millennium Falcon. We discuss LEGO for a while, then discuss Stephen Hawking. We talk about his contributions to science and remember reading his books. We also discuss his role in pop culture.

Update: “Mad” Mike Hughes finally launched his steam powered rocket. Surprisingly, he didn’t die. In other news, world still not flat.


Not-So-Paranormal Activity: The “Atacama Alien” is human. A 6 inch skeleton was discovered in Chile’s Atacama desert. The genome has shown that it is was a pre-term human that had facial malformation, premature joint fusion, and dwarfism. The person may have lived to 6 to 8 years old.


Brian Matters: Being hungry changes perception of chronic pain. Scientists were able to identify the neurons that were involved in this process. We discuss how the body prioritizes finding food over chronic pain.


Sci-Fi: We discuss a deleted scene from Star Trek: Discovery regarding Section 31. We also question how the Mirror Universe works. Steven then tells us about the awesome new show Future Man on Hulu. Devon then tells us about the new Red Rising book, Iron Gold. Now he’s going to read The Punch Escrow, a novel that has footnotes.

Utopia or Dystopia: What if you were expected to work while you slept. Or what if your brain could be co-opted for computer processing.