Episode 200: Black Star

This episode contains: Devon went to a Giants game and so missed our interview. Devon happened to go to MetallicA night even though he didn’t plan it. Also, Steven didn’t know the Nationals were a team. Devon then talks about the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz and he disappointment that they weren’t intellectually honest.

Social Engineering: A lot of people use “dragon” in their passwords. We talk about why this might be. Part of the answer is sampling bias and part of the answer is that dragons are cool. Also, Devon learns there are no Dragons in The Lord of The Rings.


Interview: We talk with Randy Greer of Black Star. He does just about everything on the show, from production to writing to sound design. Black Star is a sci-fi radio drama show. The finished product will be 9 chapters and more than 4 hours long. We also talk about Lost in Space which we all liked, a lot. We also talk about the Westworld season 2 premiere with some minor spoilers.