Episode 201: Infinity-Engines-Nuke-Coin

This episode contains: Steven saw Infinity War, but Devon did not. We discuss the movie and the MCU in general before getting to the science.

Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Mother F*cker: North Korea’s underground nuclear testing site looks to have partially collapsed. It may be leaking radioactive dust. It also likely caused earthquakes. This may be the real reason North Korea has stopped testing and is now open to diplomacy. We then slip into some political talk, with the main point being it’s all dumb.


Life… Finds a Way: Someone noticed that the equations of stirring liquids is similar to the math for mining bitcoins. This has to do with chaos theory, hence the name of the segment. We then go on a long tangent about bitcoins, which we know almost nothing about.


Sci-Fi: Devon talks about Mortal Engines, the book and the movie trailer. It’s cool concept but the book it a little too young adult. Steven then gives us his review of Avengers: Infinity War. We end this episode with the ceremonial reading of an excerpt of the Asgardian Constitution.