Episode 206: Al-Gore-Rhythm

This episode contains: Devon is back from Houston with a stomach bug, which leads us to talk about 9/11 for some reason. We then get to the science…

No Rest for the Wicked: Scientists have devised an algorithm to determine the most effective way to consume caffeine. They figured out how to optimize alertness with caffeine. However, the actual algorithm is not included in the article.


Robot Overlords: CERN is holding a contest to see if AI can be used to analyze particle collision data. Planned upgrades for the LHC will produce so much data that it will exceed the current computing capabilities by a factor of 10. Also, Netflix apparently had a contest for software to predict what people wanted to watch.


Sci-Fi: There’s some new imagines of Avengers 4, sort of. We then look at 11 movies to look forward to in 2018, even though 2018 is half way over and some of these movies have already come out. Some were good, some not so much. We’re looking at you Cloverfield Paradox.

We the end the show with the tradition ceremonial reading of the Asgardian Constitution.


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