Episode 209: Full of Splendor

This episode contains: We’re just doing our thing this ep. Steven is still around so no new baby yet. Devon had an impromptu drunken binge this weekend. Devon also doesn’t care about foreign languages. Steven tells us a little about the Sons of Anarchy board game. We then eventually get to the science.

Apocalyptica: Scientists have determine how many nukes countries need to not be too destructive but still maintain nuclear deterrence. They also determine who many nukes would lead to nuclear winter, and how many would lead to nuclear autumn.


Biological Imperative: Research shows that normalization of “plus-size” body shapes is leading to people underestimating their weight. Men underestimate their weight more than women. Minorities underestimate their weight the most, but are more likely to try to lose weight.


Westworld: The second season has concluded. We break down the last episode and hypothesize what third season will be like. We then talk some Star Trek and skip the ceremonial reading of the Asgardian Constitution.